Prepare to enter another dimension as we enter the world of PlanetBox for this PlanetBox Lunch Box Review.  Specifically we will be reviewing the PlanetBox’s Rover model.

PlanetBox are high quality stainless steel lunch boxes which simplify the lunch packing process and making it easier for people of all ages and appetites of all sizes.  PlanetBox lunch boxes are eco-friendly and come in three sizes: Launch, Rover and Shuttle.  Part bento and part TV tray, the PlanetBox Lunch Box features segmented containers which are designed to hold a variety of foods, guiding you to pack the foods you like for a well-balanced meal.  

When I opened my package and prepared to do my PlanetBox Lunch Box review I was immediately impressed.  The quality of the PlanetBox was out of this world (pun intended).  The design, shape, style and sleekness all appealed to me.  The clasps were well made and liked the idea of a waste-free lunch.  The Rover model includes: Veggie or Fruit Compartment (shown with edamame and Buffalo Pretzel Crisps), Main Dish compartment (shown with chicken and cheese slices), Long compartment (shown with cherry tomatoes), Treat compartment (shown with barbecue sauce) Little Dipper (shown with trail mix) and; the Big Dipper (shown with yogurt).

The PlanetBox Rover model
The PlanetBox Rover model


As part of the lunch system PlanetBox also includes magnets to create your very own PlanetBox style and a carrying bag designed to specifically hold your PanetBox model.  The carry bag is made of 100% recycled fibers derived from plastic bottles and the PlanetBox itself has been independently certified to be safe from lead, phthalates and BPA.  The carry bag also features pouches to hold a cold pack, cloth napkins and a water bottle up to 3 inches in diameter.     

Magnets, Outside of PlanetBox and Carry Bag
Magnets, Outside of PlanetBox and Carry Bag

Prices for the PlanetBox range from $34.95 – $79.95.  Buy it now by hitting the button below (affiliate).

PlanetBox also has a great feature on their website to help you plan your meals and you can also check out their Facebook page for even more lunch menus and ideas.  

If you couldn’t already tell, we REALLY loved doing this Planetbox Lunch Box Review. Planetbox is definitely GGG approved! 

PlanetBox provided Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps with a sample of the Rover model for this Planetbox Lunch Box Review.


  1. I have been wanted to comment on this review and am finally getting around to it. I have been using Planet boxes for both my kids for over a year. There is a lot that I love about them. I love that they are not made of plastic and they are one piece. It is so easy to pack lunch in them and throw them in the dishwasher to be ready for the next day. I still use them most days. One major complaint that I have – or really, my kids have is that they are HEAVY! Especially my 5yr old complains about having to carry it and truthfully, there is a big difference in the weight of her back pack when she has it. The other complaint that I have is about the seals- especially the big dipper seal. They are easy to lose and in face, one of my children lost the first one within the first week of using the lunch boxes. When I called the company I was given some advice about how to have the seal not come out which didn’t make much of a difference and the second was lost a short time later. I was told I could buy replacement seals but after paying such a hefty amount for the lunch boxes, I wasn’t too inclined to do so. Anyway, I do like them but want to be sure that people know that they are not without drawbacks before they invest the money.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Jennifer. I can see your points on the weight and the seals. I love hearing different perspectives and experiences as I think it gives my readers a better blog experience. Good input. Thank you!

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