This recipe for Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak and Tomatoes is a sponsored post in collaboration with Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager #BlondeBBQChallenge

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Are you a fan of cooking with beer? For a while now I have been experimenting with the use of beer in my recipes. One of my favorite ways to cook with beer is when cooking on the grill. For this post I am sharing my delicious recipe for Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak and Tomatoes as well as some information on the newest beer to join the Guinness family: Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager. 

Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager, produced in the famed American brewing city of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, combines American hops with the world-famous 125-year-old Guinness yeast and is the perfect beer to enjoy during the warm months of the summer.  Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager is a crisp, light beer and combines the finest American ingredients, blending floral and citrus notes with a unique biscuit malt flavor.  It is  a complex and flavorful lager, hoppy and citrusy on the nose from the hops uses, delivering a long malt, biscuity finish and perfectly balanced.

To make my  Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak and Tomatoes I used Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager as both a marinade and a cooking liquid. Marinating steak is a great way to change the flavor profile of the meat and enhance the flavor while also acting as a tenderizer for tougher cuts of meat. My marinade includes beer, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, lime juice, grill seasoning, salt, pepper and fresh cilantro. I prepared the marinade in a plastic zipper bag and allowed it to soak for 1 hour.

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While the steak was marinating I began preparing the beer marinated tomatoes. I used fresh grape tomatoes and combined them, with freshly sliced garlic, in a simple liquid of beer, olive oil and salt and pepper. 

beer marinated flat tomaotes3

 The tomatoes cooked right on the grill in a cast-iron skillet until the liquid was reduced and the tomatoes broke down to take on a stewed consistency. After the tomatoes cooked for a bit I then started to cook the steak. The steak was placed on a hot grill and grilled to a medium-well temperature.

beer marinated flat iron steak6

To plate, I served the beer marinated flat-iron steak and tomatoes with arugula and feta salad, some Guinness® potato chips and a nice, cold Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager.

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Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak and Tomatoes

Cooking with beer has never been easier with this Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak and Tomatoes
Prep Time1 minute
Cook Time20 minutes
Servings: 4
Author: Linda Arceo


  • 4 Flat Iron Steaks
  • 1 bottle of Guinness Blonde
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • juice of half a lime
  • 1 teaspoon grilling blend
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 cups grape tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup Guinness Blonde beer
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Combine ingredients in a large, zipper bag. Marinate steaks for 1 hour before grilling to medium well. Slice to serve
  • Combine ingredients in a cast iron frying pan. Place on grill and cook over high heat. Cook until liquid is reduced. Serve tomatoes alongside steak. Tomatoes can be spooned over arugula and topped with feta for a fresh salad. Tomatoes can also be served alone.

The dish was simple and delicious and perfect to enjoy on a hot summer evening. Do you cook with beer? Are you excited to try the Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager? Cheers!

This post is in partnership with Guinness® Blonde™ American Lager. As always opinions are my own.

This post was written by Linda Arceo for Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps. All rights reserved.

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