Food writer, and Ocean City, New Jersey resident, Linda Arceo shares her favorite Ocean City pizza spots in this Ocean City Pizza Tour.

Ocean City Pizza
Pizza from Manco & Manco

I’m fortunate to live in an area known for delicious pizza. Ocean City, New Jersey, has some of the most beloved pizzas in New Jersey, with a cult-like devotion to some of our area’s best pizza shops. I’m not sure if it is the salt water or the costal air, but there is something about OC pizza that can’t be replicated in any other part of the world.

I write and talk about food every day. As a food writer, blogger and talk radio show host, I am in the business of food and drinks. People expect me to know a lot about food. I am always in charge of choosing the restaurant spot then we decide to eat out. I also get asked all the time for my recommendations and dining suggestions.

Ocean City Pizza

I have owned a home in Ocean City for 15 years and over those 15 years, I have eaten a lot of Ocean City pizza. Here are my top 5 OCNJ pizza spots.

Pizza from Mario’s
  1. Manco and Manco Pizza – You can’t write about pizza in Ocean City without mentioning the first and last name in pizza, Manco and Manco Pizza. Manco and Manco have the island’s most prominent pizza presence, with three locations on the boardwalk and a long history in Ocean City. 
  2. Mario’s Pizzeria and Restaurant – If I had to pick my favorite Ocean City pizza, it would probably be a close tie between Manco’s and Mario’s. I have a long history with Manco, so they tend to be my go-to, but Mario’s has phenomenal pizza. Don’t sleep on this place.
  3. Bennie’s Bread and Italian Market – I am a huge fan of Bennie’s Bread and Italian Market. Bennie’s Bread makes their authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in a wood-fired brick oven. They also have an awesome prepared foods section and tons of baked goods. I can’t write about Bennie’s and not mention their bread and bagels. They make the best breakfast sandwiches on the island.
  4. Three Brothers from Italy Pizza – My friend mentioned Three Brothers to me after reading my pizza article in Ocean City Magazine (linked below) and I immediately went and had a slice. This place will be a regular on my pizza rotation and it absolutely deserves a spot on your Ocean City pizza tour.
  5. Piccini – Piccini was a stop on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives which means you have to include it on any pizza tour. They have a wide variety of pizzas with traditional options and unique offerings like their Cheeseburger Pizza Pie.
Pizza from Bennie’s

There’s More

Want to read even more about Ocean City pizza? I recently wrote an article for Ocean City Magazine, “Homeslice, a pizza flight through Ocean City.” The full article can be found at the following link. My pizza feature is on page 50.

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