This Pineapple Bourbon Sour is an excellent cocktail to add to your summer rotation.

Pineapple Bourbon Sour

When it comes to summer I just can’t get enough pineapple. There’s something about this delicious fruit that gives me total summer vibes. The tart sweetness is so refreshing and makes me feel like I am eating (or in this case drinking) a bit of sunshine.

Last month, I announced my new cocktail column in Ocean City Magazine, “Cheers with Linda Arceo.” For this month’s recipe, I decided to make a Pineapple Bourbon Sour. I chose this recipe for the June issue because it incorporates some of my favorite flavors and uses a liquor that is often ignored in cocktails. I always try to feature a new liquor in each creation. Last month I used vodka, so this month I wanted to try something totally different.

Pineapple Bourbon Sour

For the Pineapple Bourbon Sour you will need pineapple juice, lemon juice, bourbon, Grand Marnier liquor, fresh pineapple and cinnamon.

To garnish the drink you will want to save a few pineapple palms and cut your pineapple into spears. As an added twist you can create even more layers of flavor by grilling your pineapple garnish. The smoky flavor of the grilled pineapple pairs perfectly with the sweet vanilla, caramel and oak notes in the bourbon. 

For the full recipe pick Ocean City Magazine or find it online HERE. You can find my column on page 18.

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