I received a complimentary box of items courtesy of Disney to show my #DisneySide


This weekend my family and friends gathered for a fun CARS DisneySide Brunch. After battling illnesses, ice storms and snow we finally had the chance to hold our DisneySide Celebration. 

You might remember from a while back when I shared with you our DisneySide unboxing video with the GGG boys. We were chosen to host a Cars party which is perfect for the boys based on our recent trip to Disneyland and CarsLand.

Before our guests arrived, we set the stage by decorating our table and surrounding area with the Cars decorations included in our Disney box.

cars party7

We filled the table with Cars themed snacks including Luigi’s Black Wall Tires (mini chocolate doughnuts) and stoplight brownies.

cars party

 For our DisneySide celebration, we opted to have a brunch a party. Our brunch included:

  • Ham and Cheese Quiche
  • Bagels
  • Arugula, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Mozzarella Ball Salad
  • Fruit (served in the Mickey cake pan included in our box)
  • Tater Tot Waffles (which I saw on Pinterest and were definitely NOT a Pinterest fail!)
  • Make You Own Yogurt Parfaits for the kids
cars party5
cars party6

Of course, in true GGG fashion I also offered specialty cocktails for my guests themed for our Cars party. Guests could choose from the Radiator Springs Sunrise (cocktail for the adults and mocktail for the kids).

cars party1

And Maters Motor Oil Martini (Espresso Martini) for the adults. 

cars party9

Once everyone was full from all of the treats, we got around to playing some of the DisneySide games. We began by playing a very intense game of Disney bingo.

cars party4
cars party3
cars party2

Followed by a giggle-filled game of “pin the smile on Mickey.” 

cars party8

Game winners were awarded items from our DisneySide box including a Disney puzzle, Jake and the Neverland Pirates coloring book and crayons, a Cars Bingo Set and a Lightning McQueen watch.

Based on the smiles alone, I can tell you our Cars DisneySide Brunch was a complete success! 

cars party13
cars party12

I always enjoy entertaining friends but this gathering was particularly special because we were celebrating Mickey Mouse and the magic of Disney while also dishing out delicious food.

Heck, I even got into the spirit by wearing some glittered ears, a Minnie-themed polka dot apron and my newest (and most favorite find) a Lion King t-shirt which says, “A little bit wild.”

Special thanks to Disney for partnering with me on my Cars DisneySide Brunch celebration. It’s always fun to get sprinkled with PixieDust and surround yourself with magic and fun.


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