chimay cheese

Did you know Chimay makes cheese? Me neither. Now, the best kept secret Belgium has been keeping is out and beer and cheese lovers everywhere can enjoy the best of both worlds. Chimay cheese starts with only the freshest, local, pasteurized cow’s milk from the Belgian Blue Cross cow. Chimay cheese comes in several distinct blends including Chimay Grande Reserve, Chimay Dore’ Gold, Chimay Beer, Chimay Classic, Chimay Le Poteaupre and Chimay Vieux. I had the chance to try the Grande Reserve, Dore’ Gold and the Beer and thought they would be great to share with all of you for a Malt Monday post. 

chimay cheese

Chimay Grande Reserve is a blend of delicious cheese with the secret of the Chimay Brewery, the Grande Reserve beer. The cheese is washed twice in the famous brew for a robust, full flavor. Its aromatic flavor and aroma of the beer’s malt and yeast complements the creamy texture and golden hue. Chimay has great recipes featuring their Chimay cheese. The Chimay Grande Reserve goes well with many dishes. Use the Grande Reserve in a pasta dish or in a classic fondue.

chimay cheese

Chimay Dore’ Gold is crafted in honor of the once secret Dore’ Gold beer that was only consumed by the monastic community, the cheese captures the clandestine essence, with a buttery, fresh and balanced flavor. The Dore’ Gold would go best on top of a burger, meatloaf or in a quesadilla.

chimay cheese

Chimay Beer is an awesome cheese. The Premiere Beer is used to wash the rind and is also an ingredient in the cheese. The cheese is a flavorful addition to the Chimay line. It is slightly fruity and also robust. It blends well with the hoppy notes from the beer and is sure to be one of your favorites. The Chimay Beer (A La Premiere) pairs best on a burger or with potatoes.

Chimay cheese is available at fine retailers across the United States and can be found in stores such as Whole Foods, Central Markets, Andersons, Harmon’s and Wegman’s.

Want to know how to pair the Chimay cheese with your favorite Chimay beer? Here’s a GGG tip! Pair the colors of the Chimay cheese labels to those of the Chimay beer labels. It’s a great way to ensure the flavors of the beers match the flavor profiles in the cheeses.

GGG was offered samples of Chimay cheese by the fine folks at Chimay. Opinions are always my own.

This article was written by food blogger Linda Arceo and Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps 



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