Last, but certainly not least, in the Chef Interview Series from the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival is an interview with Chef Robert Irvine.

As part of this interview Chef Robert Irvine spoke about everything – from his time spent in Atlantic City as a Chef at two popular casinos; how he developed his popular television show “Dinner Impossible;” his support of our United States’ Troops; to the successes and failures of the restaurants who appeared on his current show, “Restaurant Impossible.”  This wonderfully approachable and personable man has a deep appreciation and connection to his fans and those he has helped on his show “Restaurant Impossible.”  Irvine even tweeted his fans during the four-day food and wine festival to let them know where he was going to be next so they could meet him there.  He never turned down a photo and made sure his fans had the best possible experience.     

In addition to his work with the Food Network, Chef Robert Irvine has several great projects in the works, including the final taping for his upcoming show “Restaurant Express” where one chef will win a restaurant; a new fitness book for people of all ages; and his newly developed protein bars.

Deeply rooted in positivity, Chef Irvine’s infectious personality leaves you feeling as if you just had a conversation with a long-lost friend.  He thrives on energy and enjoys helping people achieve the best they can.    


At the end of the interview, Chef Irvine was nice enough to snap photos with those in attendance and of course, I had to jump right in.  He was an absolute pleasure and I couldn’t get over how nice he was.  You have to love that.

Me and Chef Robert Irvine
Me and Chef Robert Irvine

Chef Robert Irvine was such an inspirational speaker.  Almost with a zen-like quality, he keeps it real yet never sacrifices his quick wit and playful sense of humor.  And, in case you are curious – while snapping the photo I asked him if his favorite super hero was Captain America (because of his shirt).   Surprisingly, he said his favorite super hero is Superman.  I thought that was fitting because Chef Robert Irvine really is a “Super Man” in his own rite.  

Nothing is impossible as long as Chef Robert Irvine is on your side.