While at the TASTE Philadelphia Festival of Food,Wine and Spirits I found out about these new, fun, edgy brand of wines called TXT Cellars.  A 2010 report shows that 72 percent of adults communicate via text messaging.  As an avid user of text messaging, I was immediately drawn to the brand and its concept and had to learn more.

TXT Cellars is based on the story of T. Brickman, who developed a line of everyday wines but could not come up with a name for his brand.  Brickman provided samples to a friend and later texted the friend, “what do u think?”  The friend replied “OMG, good stuff,” and the brand name “TXT Cellars” was born.

The line was launched in September of 2011 with four wines:  TXT Cellars OMG!!! Chardonnay, TXT Cellars LOL!!! Riesling, TXT Cellars LMAO!!! Pinot Grigio and TXT Cellars WTF!!! Pinot Noir.  The brand later expanded in April 2012 with two additional wines, TXT Cellars GR8!!! Cabernet Sauvignon and TXT Cellars CYA!!! Shiraz, for a total of six varieties.   All wines are young, fruity and easy to drink.  Available in 750ml format with a suggested retail price of $7.99.  Most places I looked had the wine for sale at the $9.99 price target.

According to the brand’s company, Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC, “the concept was to develop an unpretentious brand of everyday wines which consumers, especially millenials, could easily relate to.  The wines are light, fruity and easy to drink.  It is a wine that isn’t meant to swirl around in your glass and sniff but to enjoy with friends and ‘LOL’.”

The wines are part of Vision Wines & Spirits, LLC, which is based out of Secaucus, New Jersey.  Most recently, the company launched an online responsibility campaign petitioning consumers to sign a pledge on its website that they will not drink and drive or text and drive.  The company felt it was important to balance the levity of the brand with the serious message that neither texting nor drinking goes with driving.

To test TXT Cellars wines out for myself I gathered a few “Giggles Girls” together for a wine and sushi night at our favorite sushi spot.   The “Giggles Girls” included me, and my close friends Kelly, Alice and Liana (who was a little late and didn’t get to taste all six wines).

Kelly and Alice tend to gravitate more towards white wine selections and Liana and I are red wine fans so it was a nice mix of testers and tasters.  Of note, while we all enjoy our glass of wine now and then, none of the tasters consider themselves to be wine aficionados.

Here is what we had to say about each wine and the order in which we drank them:

  • TXT Cellars LMAO!!! Pinot Grigio (ABV:  11.5%) Straw colored with a light crisp taste.  Alice thought this wine was very sweet but drinkable.  Kelly thought LMAO!!! tasted a little like a Riesling.  She was impressed by the lightness of the wine saying, “I don’t even feel like I am drinking.”   I liked it given the fact I don’t normally like white wine.  LMAO!!! was Kelly’s favorite.

  • TXT Cellars LOL!!! Riesling (ABV:  9.5%)  Pale color with green hinting this wine was a nice balance of light flavors.  Alice liked it and thought it would make a nice dessert wine.  Kelly gave this one a thumbs down but noted that she does not normally enjoy Rieslings.  I thought LOL!!! was very sweet but still very drinkable.  LOL!!! was Alice’s favorite.   

  • TXT Cellars OMG!!! Chardonnay (ABV:  11.5%) A pale yellow wine with nice, fruity flavors.  Kelly thinks Chardonnays are normally hard to drink but she liked this chardonnay for someone who normally dislikes this style of wine.  Alice agreed and thought it was good and unlike traditional chardonnay.  I really like this one too and could see myself purchasing this Chardonnay if I ever wanted to enjoy a nice, light wine.  This reminds me of a summer wine.

  • TXT Cellars GR8!!! Cabernet Sauvignon (ABV:  13%) A bright, ruby-red wine with fruity undertones.  Kelly described it as not bad.  Alice thought it was a little strong and I agreed.  This one was most similar to the types of wines I normally enjoy.  GR8!!! was my favorite.

  • TXT Cellars WTF!!! Pinot Noir  (ABV:  11%)  As a regular user of ‘WTF’ in my daily communications I was excited to try this wine.  Light in color, this wine had a nice sweetness which almost mimicked grape juice.  I liked this one a lot.  Liana arrived by this time and was able to try this one.  Her response, “It’s good, I like it.”  Kelly thought this one was good and very easy to drink for a red.  Alice thought it was sweet and claimed she didn’t feel like she was drinking wine.  WTF!!! was Liana’s favorite.

  • TXT Cellars CYA!!! Shiraz  (ABV:  12%) Very deep in color this wine was the strongest of the bunch.  Alice thought this was the truest representation of a red wine.  Kelly felt warm and tingly after drinking this wine and Liana thought this one was a little too strong for her. I also thought it was strong and not my favorite of the bunch.
All in all, we thought TXT Cellars wines were easy to drink and fun to enjoy with friends.  We had a great time talking about the wines and their respective names.  We even got into creating our own “ad campaign” for the wines.

Kelly and Alice try to make an LOL to represent the LOL!!! Riesling.

And, this is how the night ended!  Leave it to good ole’ Kelly to end the night with a LMAO!!! moment.

Kelly being silly with the TXT Cellars wines

Thank you to Vision Wine and Spirits, LLC and TXT Cellars for giving Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps the chance to review their product.  CYA!!!


Disclaimer: The purpose of this review is to offer GGG readers an objective opinion so they can make an informed decision before buying this wine.  This review was based on quality, flavor and overall taste.  GGG will always deliver an honest and unbiased opinion.  Vision Wine and Spirits, LLC and TXT Cellars provided samples for this review.