With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, beer lovers everywhere will be reaching for their favorite stout to welcome in the luck of the Irish.  Maybe straight stout is a little too strong for you?  If you are looking to sip something lighter, why not pair your favorite stout with some sparkling wine or champagne to make this excellent black velvet drink recipe?

My black velvet drink recipe starts with your favorite stout. For me, my favorite stout is Guinness.


I then used some Prosecco (sparkling Italian white wine) I already had available in my refrigerator.

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I began by pouring the Guinness into a large glass, 3/4 of the way full.  I then topped the Guinness with the Prosecco, pouring just enough to fill the glass.  Once the Prosecco hit the Guinness a rich, fluffy foam appeared.


The combination of the Guinness and the Prosecco produced a sweet, malty drink perfect for sipping.  Don’t be fooled by the smooth beer concoction, this recipe packs a punch.

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If you have extra Guinness around your house after St. Patrick’s Day (as if that would ever happen), why not mix it up and create your very own Black Velvet Drink using my perfected, Black Velvet Drink Recipe.


Black Velvet Pin

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  1. Guinness is one of the few beers that I love and who doesn’t love Prosecco. I just may need a drink like this with potty training starting this weekend. 🙂

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