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Can I just tell you how much I am loving this new series, Mini Chef Mondays? It’s been a lot of fun cooking with my boys each week and sharing our recipes with you. But, another added bonus to Mini Chef Mondays is when we have a chance to cook with other guest Mini Chefs. Today, I am sharing an awesome way to serve up fruit and cheese this Thanksgiving with this fun, Thanksgiving Fruit and Cheese Turkey Centerpiece prepared by my beautiful niece, Jessie, with a little help from her twin brother, Trevor, and my son.

Cooking with a girl is a totally different experience. After being with the GGG boys all the time, it is so nice and refreshing to have a little girl time with my favorite niece. She is so great to work with, has a natural excitement in the kitchen and was able to make this Thanksgiving Fruit and Cheese Turkey Centerpiece all by herself.

To begin, we gathered the ingredients for our centerpiece.

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We used a cantaloupe for the body, a pear for the head, green and red grapes, raspberries and cheese for the feathers, red peppers for the wattle and feathers and raisins for the eyes. Once the ingredients were gathered we were ready to start building our Thanksgiving Fruit and Cheese Turkey Centerpiece.  

To begin we stabilized our cantaloupe by cutting a small slice off the bottom to make a flat bottom. From there we secured the turkey “head” (a pear), to the cantaloupe with a skewer. We then attached the raisins (eyes) and peppers for the beak and wattle.

turkey cheese centerpeice6

Once the head and body took shape we began assembling the feathers by skewering grapes and cheese and poking them into the cantaloupe.

turkey cheese centerpeice

Jessie did most of the project by herself, but of course, once the boys saw how much fun she was having they wanted to join in.  Look how happy they were when they were done.

turkey cheese centerpeice2

For our turkey, we decided to keep our feathers to a minimum and add extra fruit around the base. If you want more “feathers”, just add more fruit and cheese skewers to the body.

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turkey cheese centerpeice1

Turkey Fruit and Cheese Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A Thanksgiving themed fruit and cheese centerpiece.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Servings: 6
Author: Linda Arceo


  • Bosc pear head
  • Cantaloupe body
  • Red pepper wattle and beak
  • Raisins eyes
  • Grapes tail feathers
  • Cheese tail feathers
  • Raspberries tail feathers
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Toothpicks


  • Use the cantaloupe for the turkey body. Cut off a slice from the bottom to create a flat surface, so the turkey is stable. Use a bamboo skewer to attach the pear head to the melon. Cut a piece of red pepper for the wattle and beak. Attach both to the head with pieces of a toothpick. Attach raisin eyes with toothpick pieces. Skewer grapes and cheese (alternating) and top with a raspberry and secure to cantaloupe body.


Add as many skewers as you want with grapes and cheese based on the number of guests you are entertaining. You can also surround the turkey with additional fruit, crackers and cheese.
turkey cheese centerpeice3

What a fun way to present the standard fruit and cheese platter for Thanksgiving. Instead of the traditional appetizer tray, make this fun and festive, Thanksgiving Fruit and Cheese Turkey Centerpiece!

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