Linda Arceo in Woman’s Day Magazine, part two! I first appeared in Woman’s Day Magazine in 2012. I am excited to share this follow-up feature in 2024.

“I’ve turned 15 minutes of fame into years worth of work.” That is my signature quote from the 2024 follow-up feature in Woman’s Day Magazine.

Part 1: 2012 Woman’s Day feature

I (Linda Arceo) first appeared in Woman’s Day Magazine in 2012. I entered a chili contest run by the magazine and won the “Best Beef” category with my 3-3-3 Chili. As a result of the win, my photo and recipe appeared in the February 2012 issue and, a few months later, helped launch this very blog,

Part 2: 2024 Woman’s Day feature

My 2024 feature, ” Life-Changing Chili: This Recipe from Linda Arceo of Ocean City, NJ, was a Woman’s Day cover star!” looked back at what had happened since my 2012 win and how instrumental Woman’s Day Magazine was in making it all happen.

Fast forward 12 years later, and my work has been featured in national outlets such as  Today Food, Huff Post Tate, Parade Magazine, CBS, Yahoo Life, The Daily Meal, She Buys Travel, Honest Cooking, Ocean City Magazine, New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine, Shore Local, South Jersey Mom, MSN, Fox WTXF, BJ’s Member Journal, Fitness Magazine, All Parenting, QVC’s In the Kitchen with David, The Dawn Show, ShopRite Potluck Blog and SJ Magazine. I have been hired by countless brands to create recipes. Today, I also have my own radio show and my own cocktail column.

This blog has taken me worldwide, and I have attended press trips invited by brands and destinations. It has given me some of the best experiences of my life. To say I am still in the game (and still relevant) 12 years later is a huge accomplishment.

Thank you to Woman’s Day Magazine for this feature!

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