Mamma Bella Cello to be featured at Annata Wine Bar and No. 79 Bar & Restaurant throughout March to commemorate International Women’s Day and National Women’s History Month.

Woman and locally-owned handmade limoncello company, Mamma Bella Cello, to be featured in Hammonton-based Annata Wine Bar and No. 79 Bar & Restaurant throughout the month of March to commemorate International Women’s Day and National Women’s History Month. The beverages feature the names of key historical women in the spirits industry. The drinks include Madame Clicquot’s Wine Mojito, Simi Sangria, Courageous Cosmo, and the Mammannata at Annata’s Wine Bar. No. 79 featured beverages include Helen’s Sassy Whisky Sour, Flannigan’s Fashionable Brandy Alexander, Cleopatra’s Creamy Lemon Drop, and Mamma’s Spirited Sangria.  Each cocktail is accompanied by a story of how these famous, historical women helped to shape the history of the Spirits Industry. 

Mamma Bella Cello is owned by Hammonton-native, Alison Brita, who serves as the company’s CEO and Master Blender. She continues to push through the glass ceiling in the Spirits world. “I have been inspired by great women past and present, and I am all about raising my glass to them. I am honored to have this platform to celebrate these historical women of my industry,” said Brita.

In 2022, I had the chance to interview Alison Brita of Mamma Bella Cello on my radio show, Table for Two. I fell in love with her cellos and the woman behind the brand. She is a force in the spirits industry and Mamma Bella Cello should we on everyone’s radar.

What is Cello?

Cello is known traditionally as a chilled shot before or after a meal. Cellos are typically hand-crafted in small batches with old-world traditions.

About Mamma Bella Cello

Mamma Bella Cello manufactures award-winning liqueurs and cello — a chilled before-or-after dinner drink – small-batch made locally in Hammonton. The fruit-based cellos are all-natural, gluten-free and four times distilled. Varieties include lemon, grapefruit and blueberry, made with Hammonton blueberries. There are also seasonal favorites like the s’mores cello pumpkin spice and peppermint liqueurs. These cellos and liqueurs create endless possibilities for Martinis to Bellini’s, coffee drinks, and as a special ingredient in baking. Mamma Bella Cello is a 2018 and 2019 NJ Liqueur Distillery of the Year awardee by New York International Spirits Competition. Other awards include: Lemon (Gold), Pumpkin Spice (Gold), Peppermint (Gold), Blueberry (Silver), S’mores (Silver), Grapefruit (Bronze).

You can learn more by visiting their website at or follow @mammabellacello on Instagram and Facebook.

Cheers to International Women’s Day!

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