I am still crushing on my borrowed Vitamix. This machine can do it all and I knew it would be perfect tool for a quick “How to Make Sunflower Seed Butter” post.

While browsing my favorite Amish Market over the weekend, I wandered into the Nut and Candy Shop.  I shopped for a while, checking out their homemade confections, spices and snacks before ending up in the nut section of the shop.  I was drawn to the wide variety of nuts and knew I had to grab a bag of these beautiful sunflower seeds so I could show you how to make Sunflower Seed Butter using the Vitamix.


We eat nuts often in our house and my kids love a good peanut butter and jelly (or just PB for my youngest) sandwich every now and then. I regularly eat rice cakes and peanut butter for breakfast. Sunflower Seed Butter offers a nice variation to peanut butter and keeps things interesting.  

To make Sunflower Seed Butter in the Vitamix, all you need are sunflower seeds and the Vitamix. For my batch, I used about three cups of roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds.  Whether you use salted or unsalted is a total preference, for me unsalted keeps the taste a bit more natural.  I literally dumped the seeds into the Vitamix and let it go for a bit and before I knew it, my Sunflower Seed Butter was finished. (Tip: Begin at variable 1 on the Vitamix, turn machine on and slowly increase the speed to variable 10, using the tamper to push down the seeds).   This is how the seeds looked half way through the butter making process.

sunflower butter 4

The result is creamy, smooth Sunflower Seed Butter.  I served mine on some toasted whole wheat toast with a honey drizzle and topped it with some additional seeds, alongside some fresh blackberries.  

sunflower butter 5

sunfllwer butter


Simple, easy, nutritious and delicious.  

Could this “How to Make Sunflower Seed Butter” post be any easier?


I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful, working relationship with Williams-Sonoma Philadelphia and they lent me this Vitamix.  I was not compensated for this post and this post does not include affiliate links.


  1. Just wondering if it is necessary to use roasted sunflower seeds for this recipe. I have some raw sunflower seeds and wanted to know if the recipe would work using them in the raw form?

    1. Hi! I believe you can use the raw sunflower seeds but may need to add a little bit of oil to make it smooth. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

  2. This is great! I need to find an alternative for H since he is allergic to peanuts. This may be it! Of course I just hit up Echo Hill, our bulk buying store. Next time I will have to put sunflower seeds on the list:)

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I have to try…sunbutter is so darn expensive and the kids don’t do peanut butter.

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