I produce weekly culinary tips for the Table for Two show on WOND Radio. This week’s culinary tip is about stocking a winter pantry.

Trying out dry January? If you are trying to cut down on your drinking or taking a break for the month of January, here’s how to use alcohol in your cooking without drinking it.

Cook with Wine: Pair Sauvignon Blanc with seafood, Pinot Grigio with vegetables and Chardonnay with Chicken and Mushrooms. Use a Merlot or Pinot Noir for pork chops and a Zinfandel or Shiraz for roast beef or lamb.

Cook with Beer: Beer is excellent in baked goods and adds a lightness to things like biscuits, pancakes, and homemade bread. You can also add beer to soups, cheese sauces and batter for fried foods like fish or chicken.

Cook with Liquor: Add vodka to your favorite pasta dish to make a vodka sauce, or try adding whiskey to your gravy.

Alcohol can be a great flavor enhancer, help tenderize meats in marinades or concentrate flavors when simmered down into sauces. Cooking with alcohol can be so versatile.


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