The Office Bar and Tavern

Last week, on a travel assignment to Morristown, New Jersey for #WyndhamWeekends I had the chance to try a newly reopened beer bar, The Office Tavern & Grill. Now, normally when one says they are going to the office one immediately thinks of cubicles, paperwork and a never-ending to do list. The only thing work-related for The Office Tavern & Grill is working your way through their massive beer selection.  

Newly transformed and reinvented, The Office Tavern & Grill completely renovated their interior space to create a 176-seat two-story eatery. The new space includes an outdoor eating area, private dining room and a balcony overlooking the impressive and stylish two-story bar.

The Office Bar 2

The Office Tavern & Grill not only completely renovated their look, they also revamped their menu and beer selections. They now offer a craft beer selection of 40 taps to go along with its redesigned American fare menu.

For our dining experience, we were greeted with a fantastic beer menu and equally impressive food menu. One of the things I immediately noticed The Office Tavern & Grill beer menu was their $9 beer flights. I opted to go with a beer flight and chose the “All Over the Map flight. My flight included two light beers (a session IPA and a Pale Ale) and two dark beers (Porter and Chocolate Stout). I drank the two light beers first followed by the two darker selections. I am not typically a fan of IPAs but found both the IPA and Pale Ale to be highly drinkable. The darker beers were equally tasty. 

beer flights

My friend Julia from Wine in Mom also ordered a flight. She chose the “Keeping in Jersey” and said it was really good too.

Next, it was time to order our meals. The menu blew me away and I am rarely blown away by menus (one downfall of being a really good home cook, eating out can sometimes be a little disappointing). Both the adult and children’s menus offered unique and high-end selections and I found myself torn on what to order.

The Office Bar Menu

My boys were with me so we also checked out the kids menu. You guys already know from the blog that my boys are excellent eaters with a refined palette. They loved the kids’ meal options. My oldest ordered one of his favorite foods, salmon, while my little one ordered the Chicken and Waffles (he requested the sauce on the side). Both were served with a drink and side of fresh fruit. For the adults, I too ordered the chicken and waffles while my hubby ordered this delicious steak sandwich, the Chimichurri Steak Baguette. 

office meal samplesAll of our meals were mouth-watering good. The kids meals tasted like adult meals and the adult meals were deliciously comforting. I loved my Chicken and Waffles and my husband raved over his sandwich.  

The Office Tavern & Grill was a food and beer lovers paradise. If only it were closer to my home. I would love to go back and spend more time exploring their vast beer menu and making my way through all 40 beers on tap (a girl can dream!). If you are in the Morristown, NJ area DEFINITELY hit up The Office Tavern & Grill – it is a must!


My family and I received a complimentary meal from The Office Tavern & Grill through the travel campaign with New Creative Media. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and my family‚Äôs. Any additional expenses incurred were my own.  

This article was written by food blogger Linda Arceo and Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps


  1. I totally forgot about The Office and we used to eat there a bunch. Sounds like they have an even better menu than I remember. That’s good to know when we hit North Jersey!

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