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I am beyond happy right now.  I just finished creating my 2013 Year in Review slide show for the year and my work with Giggles, Gobbles Gulps and I am blown away with how incredible my year was.  I am blessed beyond belief to be surrounded by a supportive, (incredibly patient) and loving husband, two fantastically crazy boys who are the loves of my life and my loving fur babies.  Together, we have created this amazing little life and I couldn’t be more proud of my husband, my kids and my work with GGG.

The year 2013 brought us many amazing things.  The crown jewel of the year was my family’s trip to Rome and Paris.  I have always wanted well-traveled children and they did so great throughout the entire trip and we loved the time together.  


I also had the chance to attend some great events including Social Media Mom Mixers; Type-A Philly; Eat, Write, Retreat, DO AC Boardwalk Wine Promenade, Disney Social Media Moms Mini-Conference, Preakness at the Piazza, Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, Diner en Blanc, New York City Wine and Food Fest, several Toy Insider events and even got to go behind the scenes of QVC.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia 2013 after sunset
Diner en Blanc Philadelphia 2013 after sunset

The many events I attended led me to meet some great people.  I was thrilled to meet local chefs, celebrity chefs like The Neelys, Rocco DiSpirito, Robert Irvine and Sunny Anderson and some of my most favorite foodies, like Haylie Duff!

Chef Rocco
Me and Chef Rocco DiSpirito

I worked with a local wine festival in my town and even got to judge a local peach pie contest which was so much fun.  I did several live demonstrations, several national press mentions and appeared on a local television show to mix up some holiday cocktails.  Along the way, I worked with well-known national brands who trusted me to represent them and share their products with all of you.  

Through it all I dished a lot about food and drink.  I made some great food and took my recipe development to the next level, drank some fantastic beers and participated in a first pour event and sipped on some fine cocktails and spirits.  To say that I ate well in 2013 would not be an exaggeration!  I spent tons of time with my friends and family, brought my boys into the kitchen with me as much as possible and even got to visit Texas for a long-awaited family reunion (and see a stampede!) 

Take a walk down memory lane with me … 

To say I am a lucky girl would be a complete understatement.  I hope you had just as much fun with my 2013 year in review as I did.  

It’s been a great year and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me in 2014.  Happy New Year to you all!


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