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 never hungover hangover prevention

My reputation follows me wherever I go. I receive all kinds of emails from brands trying to catch my attention. One email that caught my eye immediately was about a new product called Never Hungover (http://neverhungover.com).  As its name implies, Never Hungover Hangover Prevention Drink claims to cure you of your hangover.

This past Saturday I attended a local beer fest in my town and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to put Never Hungover Hangover Prevention Drink to the test.


After a night full of tasting a wide variety of beers and hard ciders I knew I would need a little extra help. It was recommended that I drink one Never Hungover Hangover Prevention drink per four beers. To make sure I was fully prepared I put a few bottles of Never Hungover in my purse and drank them once the beer festival was over (confession – I drank them in the parking garage).


On Sunday morning I was pleased to wake-up hangover free.  Never Hungover Hangover Prevention drink was tasty and refreshing.  The flavor had a strong citrus flavor but it was very pleasant and I enjoyed it. Never Hungover is carb-free, sugar-free and has zero calories. It is made of a propriety formula consisting of a natural vitamin blend, antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients and minerals. It is packaged in a 2 oz. bottle that can be consumed as a shot or mixer. Never Hungover is part of Maloof Ventures (as in Adrienne Maloof and the Maloof brothers) and is sold at GNC for a retail price of $3.99.

Never Hungover Hangover Prevention Drink is definitely GGG approved!  Perfect for those nights when you have a little too much fun. 


NOTE: Samples were provided to facilitate this post, opinions are always my own.



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